006 • Inspiration: What is it & where do you find it? Font vs. typeface, judo, surfing, & logos.

In this episode, we discuss the what, where, and why of inspiration. Plus, if you could instantly become good at one sport, what would it be? As well as expensive things to collect, curiosity, company logos we wished we designed, and a penguin wearing a sombrero.


What inspires you? Let us know!

“Inspiration is the motivation to start, and motivation is what helps you finish.”

—Peter Hulce

“Inspiration is the what, motivation is the why.”

—Peter Hulce

The Logo Peter Wishes He Designed

Pleo Logo
Old on the left, new on the right.
Source: underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/new_logo_and_identity_for_pleo_by_koto.php

The World’s Most Expensive Typeface

Lexicon is the world’s most expensive typeface.

Lexicon Typeface
Source: typewolf.com/blog/the-worlds-most-expensive-typeface

Most Expensive Font

JHA Bodoni Ritalic is the world’s most expensive font.

JHA Bodoni Ritalic Font
Source: myfonts.com/fonts/jha/bodoni-ritalic

The List of Potential New Names for Orange Thus Far

  • Rellow
  • Yed
  • Reddish-yellow
  • #f99d2c
  • Golden Fire
  • Blazen
  • Garfield
  • Bronze
  • Carrot
  • Twang
  • Fred
  • Plush

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