The idea of Oh Brother Show was born when we had less time together in person due to travel and moving. So we said, “Hey, let's start a podcast!”

This is a way for us to stay connected and work on something fun together.

About Steven

I’m a fun-loving person who cares a lot about people and strives to make them happy in any way I can. My goal day to day is to brighten up at least one person’s day; whether that’s by asking them how they are doing, having a conversation with them about something they’re going through, or simply buying them a coffee.

About Steven Hulce Oh Brother Show
About Peter Hulce Oh Brother Show

About Peter

I’m an enthusiastic person who loves helping others and making people laugh however I can. My goal each day is to be joyful and always try to focus on the positive. I love challenges, being creative, and doing things in unique ways. Work-wise, I’m a graphic designer/ business owner and a jiu jitsu black belt.