005 • Help us rename the color orange! Are mullets cool? Plus, world monuments & architecture.

In this episode, we discuss the art and beauty of architecture, the best place to hide a giraffe, depressing meals, otters, puffins, pleasant accents, and why the color orange needs a new name.

The Color Orange

This is the hex code for Peter’s favorite hue of orange. #f99d2c

It can be seen in use on his website here: peterhulce.com

So as you can see, the color orange needs its own name that doesn’t come from a fruit or vegetable. Send us your ideas! We’ll pick our favorites to share on our next episode.


“Architecture is like a giant 3D piece of art.”

Here are various pieces of architecture Steven has seen in his travels. Check out his Instagram!

As always, if you have any questions for us to ask each other or general comments about the show, send us a message — or email us at hi@ohbrother.show. We’d love to hear from you!


Otters and puffins… 😊


Peter mentioned the launch of his new YouTube channel in this episode. Check it out and subscribe if you’d like!

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